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How To Fix The Discord Stuck On “rtc Connecting”
April 5, 2022

How To Fix The Discord Stuck On “rtc Connecting”

If this scenario looks like it could be applicable, you should by modifying the default audio subsystem that Discord uses to Legacy. You discord stuck on rtc connecting can do this directly from the Audio settings of discord. To avoid this error, you’ll need to change the Audio Subsystem to Legacy in Discord’s Settings. While using Discord on PC, many people have run into the ‘Stuck on RTC Connecting‘ error. However, many users reported that Discord’s RTC Connecting problem will appear. Therefore, you may need to temporarily disable Discord QoS. With the newly assigned DNS addresses, you can navigate to the Discord browser version or open the Discord app and launch a voice call with a friend.

  • Make sure to follow the given fixes carefully to avoid further issues.
  • A switch on the back panel puts the MixAmp into PC or console mode.
  • This will assist you in listening to the sound and using the speaker as well.
  • You can also check how to fix Discord update failed loop in our other articles.
  • Of this fleet, 332 were ICD transports, but 261 were combat aircraft from AAF units temporarily assigned to the airlift.

You only need to download and install DriverFix, then open it. You don’t have to click on anything because the software will automatically run a driver scan on your PC. Many third-party antivirus tools tend to interfere with certain applications, and sometimes your antivirus can prevent you from running Minecraft and other games.

Here Is How To Fix Rtc Connecting Error Stuck On The Discord Issue

If it works, then replace the current antivirus with another antivirus tool that won’t interfere with the game. Minecraft, a popular game since decades, has an incredible design and is among the most widely used games till date. This game encompasses its players in a virtual world where they have to win against zombies, spiders, monsters, and whatnot! Hence it’s quite fascinating to get lost in the world of Minecraft. If your server no longer crashes, then you’re all set. Drag the affected mod in the root of the game folder back into the mods folder.

How To Test A Headset Microphone In Windows 8 1

This encompasses both the JavaScript and “Installation has failed” errors. This article will explain why Discord is not working on your PC, Windows, or Mac, as well as how to resolve typical error errors. Select the Properties option from the context menu when you right-click on your network.

Fixing The Rtc Connecting Error On Discord:

Considering this reason, you should install the latest update for your graphics card drivers via Device Manager or Windows Update if there is any at this time. It is a rather frustrating thing for game players. This article will display some effective solutions to help you solve this issue.


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